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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

“Everything that Matters”

Gregg Robins is not only a long-standing member of Marchmont’s Advisory Board; he’s also an interesting musician playing plain-spoken, emotive rock. He’s releasing his debut album titled “Everything that Matters”, to be available in stores from October 25, 2011 and is promoting a special website, whose goal is simple: to connect with fans that are moved or touched in some way by the music. Here’s Gregg:

“Everything that Matters” began being recorded in 2009, spanning four countries and many studios, and involving many talented musicians, from guitarists to drummers, backing vocals and strings, and with tracks in English and Russian.  It is a debut album that represents the realization of a dream.

“Everything that Matters” is a journey for me across the spectrum of human emotion and experience: from heartbreak to love, separation to reuniting, to the euphoria of an historic election and the spirit and saga of our soldiers far away.

I’m encouraging you to sign up on the website as fans, see press news, hear a blog, and hear some songs—including one in Russian!