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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A chance for all

Mikhail Treyvish, one of Marchmont's Advisory Board members and an expert in factoring and corporate rating, is suggesting his way of maximizing the creative energy of enthusiasts. 

There’s an old parable. A wayfarer was passing by a construction site. “What are you doing?” he asked one of the builders. “Rolling this goddam cart,” the man replied. “And what are you doing?” the traveler asked another builder. “Earning my daily bread,” was the answer. “And you, why are you here?” the wayfarer turned to a third builder. And the reply was, “I’m here to put up this beautiful building.”

Many have always wanted to put up their beautiful buildings, whether it a bygone age or today. Some have ways and means to do that, some don’t.

Some have not yet found their ‘construction ideas.’ Others have lost their unfinished creations to a crisis, fatal errors or an adverse concourse of circumstances. But some have already laid the foundation for their ‘beautiful buildings’ and seek ways of really putting those up.

New entrepreneurial ideas get conceived across the globe every day, leading to the setting-up of new companies that might one day become international flagships. However, taking part in building such companies is a rare chance available only for the few.

The following statement may look a bit too ‘over-the-top’ for you, but my colleagues and I claim we have found a new grand entrepreneurial idea which, if realized, will give a whole army of enthusiasts from across Russia and beyond access to ‘construction sites’ of what will be new top businesses of the 21st century.

We have decided to start the forming of an expert community willing and ready to use knowledge and advice to help outstanding business visionaries realize their dreams. You may say, “Well, and what’s new here? All you are planning already has a name and works—it’s crowdsourcing!” But what we expect from experts we’re bringing on board is not only one-shot answers to business problems—we look for experts to be always available for advice. Such community members won’t just lay one brick in the foundation of a new ‘beautiful building’ and bow out—they will make sure the topmost floor is built. We have christened this process ‘crowdmentoring.’

In this system, a student or manager from, say, Yekaterinburg will be able to contribute to the creation and development of a Moscow, St. Petersburg, French, British or Australian based company. And an entrepreneur from Samara or Kazan can rely on assistance from a panel of public experts consisting of creative people from all across the planet.

Our program is not exclusively limited to entrepreneurs; charities, educational institutions and municipalities could also benefit from it.

We have called the program OmniVision. The prefix ‘omni-’ stands for ‘all, universally covering’ in Latin; and we have vision that bonds different entrepreneurs for whom developing a business is like putting up a beautiful building.


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